Elance – Data Entry Jobs from Home Without Investment, Graphic Design Jobs and more

Find Data Entry Jobs Online Without Investment on Elance(Age 18+)If you have a computer you can find data entry jobs from home without investment, …if you are a graphic designer, … graphic design jobs from home, and much more.

Elance is free to join. At the FREE level, as a contractor (someone looking for a job) you can apply to 10 positions per month. If you want to apply to more than 10 per month, they charge a fee.

My suggestion is to start with their Free plan, and at the same time, sign up for other freelance, virtual assistant type sites, listed on this website, see list here.

You can find all types of jobs on Elance. Definitely data entry jobs from home without investment, coding, typing, writing and more, see list below.

Here’s a great video with the CEO of Elance talking about the increase in jobs posted on Elance. The first 30 seconds is a commercial put there by ABC. It’s talking about the summer, but it gives you a general idea of the authenticity of the site.

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And another video of 2 Freelancers sharing their experience on Elance. Both have earned in excess of $50,000.

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Job Categories listed on Elance

Programming Jobs
Web Programming
Website Design
Flash & Flex Animation
Design Jobs
Graphic Design
Banner Ads
Corporate Identity
Writing Jobs
Article Writing
Web Content
E-books & Blogs
Creative Writing
Editing & Proofreading
Marketing Jobs
Search Engine Marketing
Ad Campaigns
Lead Generation
Email Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Business Plans
Administrative Jobs
Data Entry
Virtual Assistant
Mailing Lists
Customer Service
Word Processing
Consulting Jobs
Financial Planning
Management Consulting
Financial Reporting
Tax Services
Outsourcing Consulting
Budgeting & Forecasting
Legal Jobs
Patent, Copyright, Trademarks
Business and Corporate
Real Estate
Wills, Trusts, Estates
Engineering Jobs
Product Design
Contract Manufacturing

A Brief List of Popular Skills in Demand on Elance and a Corresponding Number of Jobs Available  in Each Area.

HTML (1168)
WordPress (1063)
PHP (988)
CSS (846)
Database (792)
Testing (716)
iPhone (665)
SEO (649)
Mobile (612)
English (607)
Facebook (598)
Marketing (582)


The Key to Getting a Job on Elance

Apply to jobs often, early and be consistent about it. You know the saying – “The early bird gets the early worm”. When you start work in California at 9am, it’s already 6pm in Europe, and 11pm in some other country where there is also another Elance contractor bidding for your same position. This means you must get up early, apply to jobs and monitor responses you get from potential employees. If they ask for a sample of work, send it and be quick about it. Don’t delay.


You will be Successful: Success is measured in how fast you get up after you fall down.

You will not get many of the jobs you apply for. This is not failure. When you don’t get one job – NO MATTER HOW QUALIFIED YOU ARE – move on to the next one, and the next one, and the next one. Keep on keeping on until you find that job. Being successful is how fast you get up when you fall, in this case, falling is not getting a job you apply for. If you stay down, you’ll never get a job. But guaranteed, if you keep on applying, you will get a job.


Sidenote: One of Victoria Secret’s top Models of all time – Tyra Banks, got rejected by over 20 modeling agencies when she first started out. Imagine That! 20 modeling agencies. I can’t say I would have made it past the 3rd or 4th rejection. I probably would have given up, sat back in the sweet by and by and wondered WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN. I would have licked my wounds and said, THEY DON’T KNOW WHAT THEY MISSED OUT ON. But that would be acting Dumb, dumb and dumb. We’ve all done it, but let’s cut that out.

If you want to data entry jobs from home without investment or any other type of job, know that there will be competition because working from home is attractive. Just get up every day, learn to work the system and you will find success.

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To My 18 and Under Friends

Yes, you must be at least 18 to sign up on Elance and you know why… you have to be of legal age to contract with an employer. In contracting with an employer you are being held responsible. The law holds all teenagers under 18 in a special class of citizens, you are protected in other words from being taking advantage of in contractual situations because you may not understand alot of contractual language.

This being said, you are allowed to work with your parents supervising you. They would have to sign up on Elance and you could work with your parent to complete assignments. Work under the guidance of your parents.