Online Jobs for Teenagers

ABOUT this Website

Online Jobs for Teenagers Today introduces you to jobs you can find online, create online and how to make money online. It’s a site built to introduce online jobs for teenagers, however, it’s open to all ages.


As much as possible, I have included a sign next to each type of job that suggest the age one must be in order to do such job. (Example:  13+ means you need to be 13 or older.)


If an opportunity costs money, I have put a dollar sign next to it,  e.g. ($)  You will find that mostly it’s the programs that teach you “how-to” do something that cost money. I have tried most of these sites and hence I give you my thoughts on them.   At the outset I say, don’t let the dollar sign dissuade you.   Keep an open mind.  Ok, let’s begin!



The Internet is rich with job opportunities.  You just need to know where to find them… or…  how to create them.

Here are jobs I cover on this site. To delve into them in more detail, click on the respective links.  Now get to work!


Build a Website from Scratch & Make Money with It! (learn how)

Here are 3 websites that teach you how to build websites… for Dummies!

Site Build It!Site Build It!

Niche Profit Classroom

Google Sniper 2.0

Each of the above programs show you, step-by-step, how to build a website from the ground up and how to monetize it (a.k.a. – how to make money with it)

Niche Profit ClassroomEven if you know nothing about building a website, with each of the above programs you can have a website up and running within 3-4 weeks. Thereafter, once you have built your fGoogle Sniperirst website, you will be able to build another and another, sometimes within one (1) day.

Each program teaches the same concept, however, each of them have a different approach. It’s like choosing a teacher that is right for you. Explore the programs above and find one that suits your taste.

I have personally built websites with 2 of the programs above and I am working on the 3rd program now.


 Freelance / Become a Virtual Assistant   (learn how)

Here are 4 sites where you can sign up to freelance / be a virtual assistant.





Can you type? If yes, you can find a typing job as a freelancer. Can you write? If yes, you can find a writing job… sing…singing job…. do research… a research job, and sooo much more.

ElanceYou can sign up on each of the above websites for free and apply to open positions. Read how each works.

I have worked on 3 of the above sites and I am starting to work with a 4th. I have found work, got hired, and most important, got PAID! I tell you this to let you know that it works.Fiverr

Each of the above sites differ slightly in how they work. The outcome is the same, however, you get hired to do a job and you get paid.

Freelancing / being a virtual assistant mean the same thing. The different vernacular is just used in some places and not others.

FreelancerWith this type of job, you work from home  or wherever you want. In most cases, you will communicate anonymously and primarily via email, instant messaging, skype, etc.  It can be lucrative and it can be fun. The key is to be diligent in your application efforts.


Online Surveys

Taking surveys online is an easy way to start to work online, but more tedious than the options listed above.

The work requires you to answer questions about products, services and various other things, and because there a so many online survey companies out there, there is literally at least one company where you will find success in getting surveys to fill out and generate an in income (though it’s usually very small)

In my opinion, while it’s a quick way to make money, it’s also quite tedious.  Often you must qualify to participate in a survey. The qualification process involves you answering questions, sometimes for up to 20 minutes,  before they tell you whether you are qualified to participate in the survey, where, you will get to answer more questions. The result of which is sometimes no more than $1 or it could be much more, $50 and above.


Be Open Minded, Try New Things You Never Thought You would, Be Consistent, Be Successful